“Best vacation ever. We felt like we had come home to people who really cared about our welfare and needs. Lovely, lovely crew. Always looking for the unusual, interesting sights and special places.”
– Yvonne K. & Family – Komodo & Sumba – Surf & Dive – July 2018

“Simply beautiful. A unique experience crossing the Banda Sea with this crew of dedicated, passionate people. See you next March!”
– Jason F. – Flores, Alor & Maluku – Cruise & Dive – Sep 2018

Great ship with beautiful and fine facilities. We had a wonderful 6 night expedition of Raja Ampat. Great services and delicious foods – fresh croissants, fresh juices. Wonderful staff and owners.
– Alam W. & Friends – Raja Ampat – Cruise – Dec 2018

“We had an amazing time aboard Kudanil Explorer. The ship and service are wonderful. Nothing is too difficult for the crew.  They all went above & beyond to make our cruise a great experience. Thibaud & Anita are always made sure everything went smoothly.
– Ime A. & Friends – Raja Ampat – Cruise – Dec 2018

“Compliments of the season. The West Papua trip was sensational. Great boat, great owner, great staff!!! Diving and surfing superb! Great great trip!”
– David L. & Family – Raja Ampat – Surf & Dive – Jan 2019

“What a wonderful experience, a truly magical journey through the most beautiful part of the world.”
– Julie M – Papua – Cruise & Dive – March 2019

“The best voyage I have ever been on. Absolutely outstanding.
– Richo K. – Papua – Cruise & Dive – March 2019

“This is by far the best ship I have ever been on. The crew is amazing in every way. The food is fantastic. I laughed all week and now I feel like cry. I can’t wait to be back in November.
– Harry S. – Papua – Cruise & Dive – March 2019

“Another epic journey on KNE. The staff are better than ever. A truly luxurious experience.”
– Jason F. – Papua – Cruise & Dive – March 2019

“An incredible voyage, a beautiful crew, every day a revelation.”
– Kendall H. – Papua – Cruise & Dive – March 2019

“What an incredible experience. We hope to be back on Kudanil Explorer very soon.”
– Franklin H. & Marie-Ange P. – Komodo – Cruise & Dive – May 2019

“What an adventure! This has been the most amazing journey. Seeing dragons, sharks, manta rays, turtles and so much more absolutely blew my mind. The ship is absolutely stunning.”
– Kieran S. – Komodo – Cruise & Dive – May 2019

“Thank you for having a wonderful time with you. A great experience. Delicious sushi dinners and creamy macchiatos.”
– Jeannot B. – Alor – Dive – June 2019

“What a fantastic time we had. We loved the crew, service, diving, hiking and great meals. We will be back”
– Tim S. and Bakeel A. – Komodo – Cruise & Dive – June 2019

“Our expectations were high as we departed Bali but they have been easily surpassed. The remoteness of calm anchorages, spectacular diving and volcanic eruptions timed to perfection at the pinkest of sunsets. Incredible. The infectious enthusiasm and spirit of the crew and its owner made the vacation complete.”
– Steven B. & Family – Komodo – Cruise & Dive – August 2019

“We are leaving our hearts on the Kudanil. Thank you for all the care, adventures, good vibes, comfort, chats, great food massages, margaritas, dives and the fun we had.”
– Ross R. & Family – Alor – Cruise & Dive – July 2019

“The most amazing trip ever. All the smiles, incredible hospitality, all help with the surfing, and everything in between. Thank you! We will miss intense ping-pong competitions and the chocolate lava cake”
– Zia S. & Lannie C. – Sumba – Surf – Sept 2019

“Monsieur Thibaud, a heartful thanks for such an unforgettable vacation to the northern part of Raja Ampat.”
– Leo S. & Family – Raja Ampat – Cruise – Dec 2019

“Service on board is superb. Thibaud and his crew were with us every minute of the trip and made us feel like in paradise.”
– Sergey M. – Raja Ampat – Dive – Jan 2020

“What a wonderful adventure. Perfect in every way. Thank for the most etraordinary voyage. Words can’t describe how fabulous this trip was.”
– Mark R. & Friends – Raja Ampat – Surf – Jan 2020

“Big Mahalos to everyone aboard this incredible ship. We had an amazing time, every smiling face and kind soul is such a lovely gift. Best experience ever.”
– Alex & Family – Raja Ampat – Surf – Feb 2020

“Incredible experience. Thanks for the amazing hospitality and for making us feel so at home. The boat was magical, only good vibes and and smiles everyday. Thank you for taking us to all these wonderful places. Hope to come back soon (for a third time)!”
– Yura & Friends – Komodo & Raja Ampat – Cruise – Jan/Feb 2021

“C’etait un des voyages les plus amazing du monde. Kiss to everybody. With a crew like this, we could go to the end of the world. As a matter of fact, we did!”
– Thierry P. & Friends – Sumba – Surf – April 2022

“Thank you so much for making the past weeks so unforgettable. We loved the delicious meals, breathtaking dives and wonderful excursions that you have tirelessly planned and organized.”
– David F. & Family – Komodo / Flores / Alor – Dive – June 2022

“I have been in this place in 2017 but never feel the warm of beautiful Flores & Komodo like with you. This trip even only 4 nights was really a wonderful journey for us. “
– Fanny S. & Family – Komodo – Cruise – July 2022

“We take home the most wonderful memories we could ever imagine. The comfortable ship, the spacious cabins & enormous “outdoor living room” with its tasteful furniture, delicious food & drinks, perfect service from the charming crew, water sports (which especially the youngsters loved), sunset beach parties, volcano excursions. Unforgettable & better than ever expected.”
– Eckhard S. & Friends – Komodo, Flores & Alor – Cruise & Dive – July 2022

“This with you was pure joy. Thank you for a magical week and for taking such great care of all of us. All of the experiences you provided were world-class. The trip of a lifetime lived up to all expectations. Epic on all fronts. We will be back same time next year…100%!”
– Brett D. & Friends – Sumba – Surf – Sep 2022

“You are the best team! Thank you a lot for our perfect dive safari.”
– Igor P. – Komodo – Dive – Sep 2022

“I keep wanting to pinch myself. Dreamy! Thank you for so many smiles for so many miles. This trip has been truly magical.”
– Blake M. & Friends – Sumba – Surf – Sep 2022

“I can’t even begin to say how wonderful our trip has been. Every day exceeded the last. You looked after us like kings & showed us the most amazing sights above & beneath the waves. Never to be forgotten.”
– Ben & Katherine – Raja Ampat – Cruise & Dive – Nov 2022

“We had the best trip of our lives. Filled with so much love, laughter, and excitement. The warmth of the Indonesian people is what was the most special. The smiles and hospitality were incredible.”
– Carolyn H. & Family – Raja Ampat – Surf – Dec 2022

“This has easily been my favorite trip ever. Your entire crew is so kind and lovely. They immediately felt like family.”
– Rameet C. & Friends – Raja Ampat – Cruise & Dive – Jan 2023

“Thank you for making our trip absolute perfection. This journey was amazing. Service memuaskan, makanan yang lezat, kayaking, snorkeling, pengalaman yang sangat fantastik.”
– Ang S. – Raja Ampat – Cruise – Jan 2023

“Thank you for all the wonderful memories and experiences. This is probably the best cruise that we have had and we look forward to a future return.”
– Djohan S. – Raja Ampat – Cruise – Feb 2023

“What a wonderful time we have had aboard this magnificent lady of the sea. The trip has been absolutely perfect in every way. The friendliness and dedication is unbelievable. “
– Ross N. & Friends – Raja Ampat – Surf – Feb 2023