Exploring Triton Bay with Traveller Magazine

Kudanil Explorer back in Raja Ampat and Triton Bay

Dear reader,

after our season in the Komodo National Park, Flores, Alor and Sumba, we are now sailing again in the North-east of this wonderful archipelago called Indonesia.

Last March, Traveller Magazine’s writer Julie Miller embarked on a Kudanil Explorer journey to Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Papua. The Raja Ampat Marine Park is arguably the epicentre of the coral triangle. Swimming with whale sharks in Namatote, diving Misool and exploring the magnificent Triton Bay were only some of the journey’s highlights.

Our dear friend and lecturer Bruce W. Carpenter led the trip in order to add a cultural as well as historical dimension to the experience. Bruce is author and co-author of more than 20 books and numerous articles on Indonesian art, culture and history. He is considered a leading expert in the field of Indonesian studies.

This very Papua trip was a cabin trip meaning that we hosted several individual parties aboard our expedition yacht. The comfort and safety of the Kudanil Explorer is ideal for these kind of trips due to its robustness, eight identical cabins and 1000 sqm of space. Therefore, come aboard and contact us for an exclusive charter or a cabin trip in Eastern Indonesia in 2020.

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