Search for Birds of Paradise…

…in Indonesia, and You’ll Find So Much More

When Gisella Williams contacted us to write about her great-grandmother travelling to Papua searching for Birds of Paradise in Papua and Raja Ampat almost a century ago, she had all our attention. We were excited to learn more about her adventures as well as being featured in Bloomberg’s travel section.

In fact, we couldn’t help but wonder how Papua and Raja Ampat must have been in the 1930s? Until today, Papua, the former Irian Jaya, remains a very remote and genuine region, blessed with magnificent culture and nature. Gisella went on a trip down her family’s memory lane and wrote a beautiful article about it.

Kudanil Explorer in Misool Raja Ampat Indonesia

Past vs. Present

While things have changed in the past 90 years, the area has more than remained its charm. Life in Papua and many other destinations in East Indonesia is still very different to Bali, Jakarta or the “Western” world. An area, once the epicentre of the world due to its richesse in nutmeg, these days mainly forgotten in time.

Did you know that the Dutch and the British traded Pulau Rhun, a tiny island, for Manhattan? Or that Papua and Raja Ampat were key to Alfred Wallace’s understanding of the evolution of species?

Fast forward into the 21st century, to put it in Gisella words, our converted luxury yacht makes for the ideal platform to roam these waters. Historically-loaded and simply pristine. A luxurious journey in safety, space and comfort. We’re sure her great-grandmother wouldn’t mind that extra bit of comfort either.

The Kudanil Explorer in Papua and Raja Ampat

We are headed towards Papua again this November, please contact us for your very own search – be it the Birds of Paradise, the underwater world of Raja Ampat, the local villages or waterfalls hidden in the hinterland.

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