In search of secret surf breaks in the Savu Sea

Surfing is for everyone!

Few months ago, we set out on a mission to find world-class surf in the East of Indonesia.

An eclectic mix of guests from Mexico to South Africa came on board, beginner surfers as well as world-class pros, in order to find their personal perfect wave. Our 3 tenders made sure we could cater to each skill level.

Good times on board

After 10 days on board, plenty of laughs, good times, surf sessions, land excursions, snorkelling, fishing and of course a relaxing Shiatsu massage by our on-board Spa therapist Fitri in-between, we can happily confirm that everyone found it! We saw deep barrels, and powerful turns in overhead waves from some of the boys. Equally excited, some other guests enjoyed gentle lines rolling into the bay perfect for those still learning the ropes of this wonderful sports.

Surfing is arguably the most rewarding sports – and the most frustrating at the same time, it just goes hand in hand. The moments of frustration make those moments of joy so very special! As they say, only a surfer knows the feeling.

Hawaii vs Indonesia

While Hawaii is often regarded as the holy grail of surfing, and in some ways for a reason, it is actually Indonesia that outruns any other country on the planet in terms of diversity, consistency and especially quality of the waves – by miles. Within Indonesia, Bali is naturally the hotspot given it’s easy accessibility and great infrastructure. However, this has meanwhile come at a price. The island of gods is not only crowded on the beaches, but also in the surf. Far away from the hustle and bustle, we would like to take you on a surf trip of a lifetime. Join us on a quest for perfect waves with just you and your friends out!

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But please have a coffee and read for yourself in the words of the talented Peter Geall and through the eyes of mastermind Jack Johns:

Horizon Lines – In seach of secret breaks in Indonesia’s Savu Sea