Secret strike mission on Kudanil Explorer

Earlier this year, we set out to a secret mission with Harrison Roach, one of the world’s finest free surfers. Conditions weren’t blue skies and calm seas but our surf guide was spot on and we scored. Just us, for days.

Not even a handful of surfers, among them DEUS teamrider Harrison Roach, teamed up on Kudanil Explorer to find some hidden waves somewhere in Indonesia. Being an ex-oil supply ship, it made for the perfect expedition vessel to explore remote surf breaks far away from civilization. And a little bit of comfort and space certainly never hurt nobody. Be it the massage therapist, the en-suite bathrooms, the private balconies or the delicious food – we had the guys covered.

Accompanied by Andy Gough and Woody Gooch, some of the most featured and renowned photographers and videographers in the surfing world, we left the harbor and ventured out. The forecast was tricky but our guide was confident. We weren’t sure what exactly to expect but this is what this trip was all about. Tap the unknown, explore the uncharted.  Watch the video and send us a message for your very own surf trip now! Whether you want to explore with us for waves never ridden before or just benefit from our already done research – it’s up to you. Find all other surf videos on our YouTube Channel.