Kudanil Explorer Robb Report’s favorite

Kudanil Explorer Robb Report’s favorite

We are proud to inform that – just months after our launch – Robb Report has ranked us among its top 5 yachts to explore Southeast Asia.

Robb Report is an American lifestyle magazine synonymous around the world with affluence and luxury. It is widely regarded as the single most influential journal of living life to the fullest. What is more, besides it’s US-edition, Robb Report publishes in 18 other countries across the globe. Therefore, we are very excited about Robb Report including us into their exclusive list.

Chosen for two main reasons

Precisely, we convinced the Robb Report editors for two main aspects. On the one hand, our on-board comfort with 1000m2 of space for guests to use and our 8 en-suite cabins with private balconies. On the other, our history as an oil supply vessel and it’s robustness. In other words, the ship’s structure and original purpose makes for unrivalled safety and the Kudanil Explorer Robb Report’s favorite ultimate luxury exploration yacht.

Less rocking, more well-being

Luxury is often measured in design, amenities or space. On yachts, especially first time yacht guests often overlook another dimension to luxury aboard. While we certainly score on design, amenities and space, too, there is another element that really sets us apart. Due to the ship’s hull and original purpose, the boat rocks and moves a lot less than your usual charter yacht. This is especially important for guests getting sea sick easily or, for any guest, if the ocean conditions get a bit rougher during a crossing or at anchorage. The Kudanil Explorer will still sail through the Indo-Pacific ocean with ease. Rest, assured, and wake up at a new destination in the morning.

Safety, space and comfort – welcome to Kudanil Explorer. Enquire now for your private journey.

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