Searching for hammerhead sharks in the Banda Sea

Kudanil Explorer crossed the Banda Sea

In September 2018, we welcomed our returning guests on a unique journey deep in the Eastern Indonesian archipelago. After disembarkation from Maumere / Flores, we cruised for over 800 nautical miles. The route led us via Alor and many tiny, remote islands. The Kudanil Explorer crossed the Banda Sea all the way to the colonial city of Ambon, rich in history and culture.

As we sailed North-east, landscsape changed drastically from the more arid and volcanic Flores, to the islands around Alor


Along the way, we enjoyed world-class dives and absolutely forgotten islands with villages where time stands still. We stopped at an island full of sea snakes. While these encounters are not dangerous, they are certainly not for the faint of the heart. We seeked and found Hammerhead sharks, Manta rays and plenty of rare underwater species. In-between dives, we tried our luck fly fishing and kissed the days goodbye with sunset drinks on the beach.

Kudanil Explorer crossed the Banda Sea - Kudanil Explorer Luxury Yacht Drone Shot Banda Island

The Spice Islands

The last of our twelve magnificent days on board, we spent around the Banda Islands, ie. Pulau Rhun, Hatta and Banda Neira. We dived, visited nutmeg plantations, enjoyed sunset drinks at the Fort Belgica. The fort was built by the Dutch in the 17th century for the islands of Banda which, during the period, were the only place in the world where nutmeg was produced.

Banda Neira is the capital of the Spice Islands (also called Banda Islands) which are famous for not only its richesse in Nutmeg but also a famous trade centuries ago. It is the land the Dutch colonists once traded with the British for a now famous place called Manhattan.

Kudanil Explorer crossed the Banda Sea - Nutmeg plantations in Banda Neira

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