Explore Indonesia on Kudanil Explorer

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A nautical journey through the archipelago of Indonesia offers a chance to encounter sights, sounds, and people unlike those in any other place on earth.

On the Kudanil Explorer, you have the opportunity to cruise through the most remote reaches of this fascinating country, balancing adventurous encounters with the relaxation of life aboard a luxury expedition vessel with the highest safety standards.

Explore Indonesia on Kudanil Explorer

Journeys on the Kudanil Explorer are curated to offer a variety of experiences of the richness of Indonesian society and nature, with cultural explorations and activities such as surfing, diving, and trekking that immerse you in a breathtaking natural world.

What really makes each adventure uniquely memorable is the opportunity to travel with experts whose experience and wealth of knowledge about the country enrich each encounter with a deep understanding and appreciation.

Three Highlights of Indonesian Voyages

Each day of an expedition offers a multitude of memorable moments, from sunrises over deserted islands to dolphins leaping at sunset. Locations such as Raja Ampat and Komodo offer some of the best diving in the world, while treks to island interiors offer sights that can be seen nowhere else, such as the mysterious lakes of Kelimutu.

Raja Ampat

The name of this stunningly beautiful region of Papua means ‘four kings’: Raja Ampat is an archipelago with four main islands and approximately 1500 smaller ones, with striking, unforgettable scenery that combines beaches, lagoons, rich marine diversity and glimpses of rare coral. 1200 fish species are found here and a world record was set of 284 species sightings on a single dive in Kofiau Island.

Mount Kelimutu National Park

Another visually stunning experience is the trek to the Kelimutu crater lakes in Nusa Tenggara Timur. These three crater lakes were created by the Kelimutu volcano. Each lake has a different colour and they can also periodically change colour, independently of each other. Volcanic activity beneath the lakes creates an appearance of surface colours that range from reddish-brown to turquoise. This is one of Indonesia’s most dramatic tempat angker, or ‘haunted places’ – locals believe that it is home to the ancestral spirits of the island.

Komodo National Park & Marine Reserve

The Komodo National Park is home to one of the most iconic and fascinating creatures found on land in Indonesia, the Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis). A sighting of one of these larger relatives of monitor lizards within the dramatic rugged landscapes of these islands adds to the mythical feel of an Indonesian journey.

Also found in the Komodo National Park and Marine Reserve are the orange-footed scrub fowl and the Timor deer, as well as one of the richest marine environments in the world, with coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, seamounts, and semi-enclosed bays that are home to more than 1,000 species of fish, 260 species of reef-building coral, 70 species of sponges, not to mention dugong, sharks, manta rays, at least 14 species of whales, dolphins, and sea turtles.

About the Kudanil Explorer: Built for Exploration, Designed for Comfort

The Kudanil Explorer combines the luxury of an expedition yacht coupled with the built-in safety of a true offshore vessel.

The ship’s structure and design as an Ex Safety Standby Vessel make it one of the safest seafaring vessels in the region and allow it to venture to areas of the archipelago that other boats cannot reach.

The greatest Indonesian voyages are experienced on board the Kudanil Explorer.

How to Tailor your Trip of a Lifetime

Contact us to explore Indonesia on Kudanil Explorer. We will curate the expedition of a lifetime whether for a group, a couple, or an individual adventure. We will help you to design your most memorable Indonesian journey and experience the incomparable magic of a voyage through the archipelago.