It’s time to plan your trip
into the uncharted
territories of Indonesia.

Get ready to experience a rich and diverse Indonesia like no one else ever will. Discover the cultures and traditions of some of the world’s lesser-known communities. Head to Nusa Tenggara Timur where you can have the hidden surf breaks of the Savu Sea all to yourself. You can snorkel or dive at some of the world’s best sites and meet manta rays, whale sharks, and more coral fish species than any other waters on the planet. To make the journey even greater, you’ll also get a moment to take in the most breathtaking beach and volcano landscapes in the country.

This is your invitation.


We have curated the ultimate experiences of the richness and diversity of Indonesia, from surfing, diving and watersports to cultural explorations through the traditions and daily existence of some of the world’s least known communities. Tailor your own adventure and join us to create the journey of a lifetime shaped around your own interests and passions.


Search for surf breaks off the beaten track. Nusa Tenggara Timur and Papua offer perfect conditions and very accessible waves, away from the surf hubs of Indonesia. We stop by the hidden breaks of Rote, Savu, Sumba and other islands en route – enjoy uncrowded waves selected especially for Kudanil Explorers.


Indonesia is home to some of the world’s best dive and snorkelling sites and some of the finest of these are also the least accessible through normal modes of transport. With the Kudanil Explorer, we have access to some of the most remote and most beautiful waters on the planet, underwater worlds teeming with life. More coral fish species than any other waters in the world and a home to pelagic life from manta rays to whale sharks. Emerge to find yourself within Indonesia’s most breathtaking beach and volcano landscapes.