Search for Birds of Paradise…

Kudanil Explorer Search Birds of Paradise Papua Raja Ampat

…in Indonesia, and You’ll Find So Much More When Gisella Williams contacted us to write about her great-grandmother travelling to Papua searching for Birds of Paradise in Papua and Raja Ampat almost a century ago, she had all our attention. We were excited to learn more about her adventures as well as being featured in …

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Kudanil Explorer explores East Indonesian waves

Surfer in barrel while staying on luxurious Kudanil Explorer in East Indonesia, Sumba and Rote

Luxurious Kudanil Explorer explores surf in East Indonesia

Few months ago, we set out on a mission to find world-class waves in some of the most remote corners of the archipelago. The ultimate surf charter boat, the luxurious Kudanil Explorer, explores surf in East Indonesia.

An eclectic mix of guests from Mexico to South Africa came on board, beginner surfers as well as world-class pros, in order to find their personal perfect wave. Our 3 tenders made sure we could cater to each skill level.

Luxurious Kudanil Explorer explores surf in East Indonesia

Good times on board

After 11 days on board, excellent food, plenty of laughs, surf sessions, land excursions, snorkelling, fishing and of course post-surf massages by our on-board Spa therapist Fitri in-between, we can happily confirm that everyone found it. We saw deep barrels and powerful turns in overhead waves from some of the boys. Equally excited, some other guests enjoyed gentle lines rolling into the bay perfect for those still learning the ropes of this wonderful sports.

Surfing is arguably the most rewarding sports – and the most frustrating at the same time, it just goes hand in hand. The moments of frustration make those moments of joy so very special! As they say, only a surfer knows the feeling.

Kudanil Explorer SumbaLuxury Surf Charter Barrel Stoked Surfer

Indonesia – the best surf country on Earth

While Hawaii is often regarded as the holy grail of surfing, and in some ways for a reason, it is actually Indonesia that outruns any other country on the planet in terms of diversity, consistency and especially quality of the waves – by miles. Within Indonesia, Bali is naturally the hotspot with it’s easy accessibility, abundance of accommodation option and great infrastructure. However, this has meanwhile come at a price. The island of gods is not only crowded on the beaches, but also in the surf. Far away from the hustle and bustle, we would like to take you on a surf trip of a lifetime. Join us on a quest for perfect waves with just you and your friends out! A surf trip on Kudanil Explorer is the ultimate luxury surf charter experience.

Luxurious Kudanil Explorer explores surf in East Indonesia with Zia Suarez and Nathan Hedge

Kick back and enjoy the article

But please kick back, have a coffee and read for yourself. In the words of the talented Peter Geall and through the eyes of mastermind Jack Johns:

Horizon Lines – In seach of secret breaks in Indonesia’s Savu Sea


Le Figaro recommande le Kudanil Explorer

Bateau d’exploration de luxe Kudanil Explorer en Indonésie recommandé par le Figaro

Kudanil Explorer – Bateau d’exploration de luxe en Indonesie recommandé par le Figaro

Le Figaro a recommandé le Kudanil Explorer, bateau d’exploration de luxe en Indonésie. Dans son magazine du 15 Juillet 2019, le Figaro a écrit de nos expéditions.

En fait, le Figaro a écrit sur les aventures de Thibaud et Remi Epstein, les fondateurs du Kudanil Explorer. Plus exactement, comme ils ont “reconverti un navire de service offshore en un exceptionnel bateau de croisière d’exploration sillonnant les archipels oubliées à l’Est du pays.”

La transformation du bateau

Cette transformation a été commencé en 2016. Remi et Thibaud ont decidé to complêtement changer la nature de leur entreprise. De l’exécution d’opérations de sécurité dans l’industrie pétrolière à l’offre de charters de yachts de luxe dans des régions reculées de l’Indonésie. Enfin, après 2 ans de rénovations aux Philippines et à Java, le premier voyage s’est finalement achevé en juillet 2018. Depuis ce jour, le Kudanil Explorer a accueilli de nombreux invités venant du monde entier.

Découvrez l’Indonésie par la mer – en toute sécurité, espace et confort.

Bateau d’exploration de luxe en Indonésie.

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Exploring Triton Bay with Traveller Magazine

Kudanil Explorer and Traveller Magazine explored Triton Bay

Kudanil Explorer and Traveller Magazine explored Triton Bay

Last March, Kudanil Explorer and Traveller Magazine explored Triton Bay. More precisely, Traveller Magazine’s writer Julie Miller embarked with us on a journey to Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Papua. The Raja Ampat Marine Park is arguably the epicentre of the coral triangle. Swimming with whale sharks in Namatote, diving Misool and exploring the magnificent Triton Bay were only some of the journey’s highlights.

Kudanil Explorer and Traveller Magazine explored Triton Bay

Expedition led by lecturer Bruce W. Carpenter

Our dear friend and lecturer Bruce W. Carpenter led the trip in order to add a cultural and historical dimension to the experience. Bruce is author and co-author of more than 20 books and articles on Indonesian art, culture and history. He is considered a leading expert in the field of Indonesian studies.

Kudanil Explorer and Traveller Magazine explored Triton Bay, Raja Ampat and Papua

Luxury amenities and ample space on board

Interestingly, this very Papua trip was a cabin trip meaning that we hosted several individual parties aboard our expedition yacht. The comfort and safety of the Kudanil Explorer is ideal for these kind of trips due to its room design and its robust shell, a steel hull. Within this solid shell, we have created eight identical cabins with private balconies and a total of 1000 sqm (or 11,000 sqft) of space. Therefore, come aboard and contact us for an exclusive charter or a cabin trip in Eastern Indonesia in 2020.

For the full Traveller Magazine article, please click here and relive the experience through Julie Miller’s eyes and words.

After Komodo National Park and Nusa Tenggara, soon back in Papua and Raja Ampat

We have just finished our season in the Komodo National Park, Flores, Alor and Sumba. Next, we will cross the Banda Sea towards the wonderful Spice Islands with their nutmeg plantations, colonial heritage and great underwater world. Eventually, we will spend November – March again in Raja Ampat and Triton Bay. The far north-east of this wonderful archipelago called Indonesia.

FT’s “How to Spend it” aboard Kudanil Explorer

Kudanil Explorer in Raja Ampat and Papua with FT's "How to Spend It"

Kudanil Explorer explored Raja Ampat and Papua with FT’s “How to Spend it”

In March 2019, Kudanil Explorer explored Raja Ampat and Papua with FT’s “How to Spend it”.

For this journey, we had the pleasure to welcome Kendall Hill on our converted luxury yacht Kudanil Explorer. Kendall is a Melbourne-born journalist specializing in food, travel, food, and people features. He wrote the best-selling recipe book Coast and founded The Sydney Morning Herald Café & Bar Guide. Hill came aboard our ship to explore Papua for an article in “How To Spend It”, the award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine of the Financial Times. Therefore, Kendall arrived all the way from Australia to cover his first-class experience in the remote waters of North-East Indonesia.

The luxurious journey begins in Raja Ampat

The route was very unique and a bit out of the ordinary, a great example for our sense of exploration and going beyond the well-travelled paths.

On the first day, we embarked from Sorong, the region’s capital, and headed west towards Batanta. Raja Ampat translates as the “Four Kings”, representing the four main islands Misool, Waigeo, Salawati and Batanta. The latter shines with two beautiful waterfalls, deep mangrove forests and the chance to dive with Manta Rays.

         Kudanil Explorer explored Raja Ampat and Papua with FT's "How to Spend it"     

An unforgettable journey with FT’s “How to Spend it”.

Next, we stopped for several days in wonderful Misool, an island and area in Southern Raja Ampat. Given the abundance of marine life, we could have easily stayed longer. From Misool, we slowly set our course for the spectacular Kiti Kiti Waterfalls that drop straight into the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Built originally for exploration and emergency operations in the oil industry, our converted luxury yacht Kudanil Explorer crossed this passage with ease.

Kudanil Explorer explored Raja Ampat and Papua with FT's "How to Spend it"

Kudanil Explorer Papua Kiti Kiti Waterfalls

Diving deep into Triton Bay

Another highlight were the days spent in Namatote where we swam and dived with the resident whale sharks. Undoubtedly, guests as well as our staff had a memorable encounter with these peaceful giants. Whereas whale sharks are regular guests during third particular dive, a school of dolphins joined the underwater party making for a truly unique experience.

Next, we continued on to magical Triton Bay, a magnificent area in West Papua with an array of options for water sports activities as well as breathtaking scenery. Frankly, we could spend a week here alone, however, all good things come to an end.


Overnight, we departed for Tual and the Kei Islands where we spent the last day beach-combing and relaxing (as if we hadn’t done so before).

Eventually, 12 fantastic days with new friends, experiences and forever-lasting memories. And we couldn’t be happier about the words Kendall found for this adventure. Therefore, contact us if you would like to relive these adventures. Or, alternatively, let’s prepare a tailor-made itinerary – just for you.

Kudanil Explorer in Triton Bay in Papua

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Kudanil Explorer explored Raja Ampat and Papua with FT's "How to Spend it"

Kudanil Explorer in Centurion Magazine

Centurion Magazine features Kudanil Explorer luxury yacht

Centurion Magazine features Kudanil Explorer luxury yacht Centurion Magazine is one of the leading magazines for luxury lifestyle, first-class travel, sophisticated culture, high-end fashion, finest art and gourmet trends. It is one of three magazines offered to the American Express members. Now, Centurion Magazine features the Kudanil Explorer luxury yacht acknowledging its unique approach to …

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Safety Vessel Becomes Luxury Yacht

Convert a safety standby vessel into a luxury exploration yacht

Convert a safety standby vessel into a luxury exploration yacht

Remi Epstein, founder of the Kudanil Explorer, is an adventurer at heart. Remi has made many voyages across Indonesian waters, falling more in love each day with the islands and the seas surrounding them. He has always dreamt of offering a way for others to comfortably experience the natural beauty of Indonesia. Subsequently, he came up with the idea to convert a safety standby vessel into a luxury exploration yacht: the Kudanil Explorer. 
The ship embarks on expeditions throughout Indonesia to experience the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of the area. One of the main beauties of stepping on board is the unrivalled safety provided by the Kudanil Explorer. However, the real beauty is the adventure that awaits. 
View over Triton Bay while travelling with Kudanil Explorer

The Early Days of the Kudanil Explorer

Before its transformation into a luxury expedition yacht, the Kudanil Explorer served as an oil-supply vessel. She was built in Japan for seafaring against the toughest weather conditions and the roughest waters. The fact that Kudanil was built as a heavy-duty offshore vessel means that she is capable of safely travelling to the furthest reaches of the world. 
“I knew it could offer the perfect base from which to explore and discover the most remote areas of this fascinating country. Combining the luxury of an expedition yacht coupled with the built-in safety of a true offshore vessel,” says Remi. After 15 years of operating the boat in her original configuration, she underwent a dramatic transformation. 

Kudanil Explorer converted from Safety Standby Vessel to Luxury Exploration Yacht in Indonesia

Kudanil Explorer Converted Luxury Yacht

The Ship’s Transformation into a Luxury Yacht

After a two-year conversion period, the expedition yacht where safety meets luxury was born. With extensive renovations made to the Kudanil Explorer, it now features much more than just safe sea transport. The ship still offers the same safety features but within its industrial shell it features the comfort of a luxury boutique hotel.
Kudanil Explorer ensuite cabin with balcony at night
The Kudanil Explorer is now a luxury yacht providing tailor-made dive, cruise and surf trips in Eastern Indonesia.
The new-and-improved Kudanil Explorer has space for up to 16 guests per expedition. They have access to an impressive 11,000 square feet of space while cruising through the clear Indonesian waters. Guests can rest easy in their luxurious onboard accommodations knowing that the Kudanil Explorer will bring them safely to the next, exciting corner of Indonesia.  

Watch the conversion of Kudanil Explorer in fast-forward below on our YouTube channel. To travel Indonesia on board our expedition yacht soon, please fill out our contact form.