In 1976, I traveled through Indonesian waters for the first time. Because of our company’s offshore oil exploration, I found myself going to unknown territories that have been left alone for centuries. Outside Java, many of Indonesia’s lands remained basically untouched. And a lot of their stories, untold.


Fortunately, we lived to tell the tale. A tiger attacking an engineer in Kalimantan. Me face to face with Anatole, the house python. The magnificent sight of Phinisi fleets. It all felt unreal, like a hidden world or a forgotten era. I decided I would have to return.

So for the last 20 years, in my spare time, I’ve been sailing across Singapore to Papua on my own boats. But even then, I still cannot say that I know Indonesia – its biodiversity, geography, flora and fauna, its people, their culture, religions and beliefs.


So when the opportunity came, I decided to convert one of our heavy-duty ocean vessels into a luxury expedition yacht – comfort & style meets safety & security. Voyagers can explore farther than ever, go deeper into the unknown, and ride waves like never before. And still at the end of the day, rest, assured.

Welcome on board, and bon voyage!