Traveller magazine aboard Kudanil Explorer

Hello from Komodo National Park,

this post is published as we are out on a charter with our lovely guests from the United Kingdom. Our guests are very active and immerse themselves into Scuba diving, snorkeling, all sorts of watersports toys and also our new ping pong table. Nevertheless, we found a quick moment to inform you about one of our latest media features and present you the video we made during this very trip.

Earlier this year, travel writer Julie Miller came aboard to explore one of the most remote areas of the Indonesian archipelago with us. Southern Raja Ampat, swimming and diving with whale sharks and indulging into magnificent Triton Bay were only some of the journey’s highlights.

The trip was led by Bruce W. Carpenter, author and co-author of more than 20 books and numerous articles on Indonesian art, culture and history, Bruce is considered a leading expert in the field of Indonesian studies.

For the full Traveller Magazine article, please click here.

Kudanil explorer featured in ft’s “How to spend it”

Kudanil Explorer Luxury Yacht Drone Shot Banda Island

In March 2019, we had the pleasure to welcome Kendall Hill aboard. Hill, a journalist, travel & food writer covered an article for the award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine of the Financial Times. Kendall came all the way from Australia to write about his Kudanil Explorer experience from Sorong in Raja Ampat heading Soouth, past Misool …

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Kudanil Explorer in Centurion Magazine

Kudanil Explorer Hiking Komodo Flores Pulau Padar

Centurion Magazine is one of the leading magazines for luxury lifestyle, travel, culture, fashion, travel destinations, art and gourmet trends. Now, it has featured the Kudanil Explorer acknowledging its unique approach to luxury cruises in Indonesia. In contrast to the Phinisis, the Kudanil Explorer is synonymous for safety, space and comfort with an unrivalled 1000 …

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Safety vessel becomes luxury yacht

Kudanil Explorer sunset safety luxury yacht

Safety Standby Vessel Becomes Luxury Exploration Yacht

Remi Epstein, founder of the Kudanil Explorer, is an adventurer at heart. Remi has made many voyages across Indonesian waters, falling more in love each day with the islands and the seas surrounding them. He has always dreamt of offering a way for others to comfortably experience the natural beauty of Indonesia. Subsequently, he came up with the idea to convert a safety standby vessel into a luxury exploration yacht: the Kudanil Explorer. 
The ship embarks on expeditions throughout Indonesia to experience the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of the area. One of the main beauties of stepping on board is the unrivalled safety provided by the Kudanil Explorer. However, the real beauty is the adventure that awaits. 

The Early Days of the Kudanil Explorer

Before its transformation into a luxury expedition yacht, the Kudanil Explorer served as an oil-supply vessel. She was built in Japan for seafaring against the toughest weather conditions and the roughest waters. The fact that Kudanil was built as a heavy-duty offshore vessel means that she is capable of safely traveling to the furthest reaches of the world. 
“I knew it could offer the perfect base from which to explore and discover the most remote areas of this fascinating country. Combining the luxury of an expedition yacht coupled with the built-in safety of a true offshore vessel,” says Remi. After 15 years of operating the boat in her original configuration, she underwent a dramatic transformation. 

The Ship’s Transformation into a Luxury Yacht

After a two-year conversion period, the expedition yacht where safety meets luxury was born. With extensive renovations made to the Kudanil Explorer, it now features much more than just safe sea transport. The ship still offers the same safety features but within its industrial shell it features the comfort of a luxury boutique hotel.
The new-and-improved Kudanil Explorer has space for up to 16 guests per expedition. They have access to an impressive 11,000 square feet of space while cruising through the clear Indonesian waters. Guests can rest easy in their luxurious onboard accommodations knowing that the Kudanil Explorer will bring them safely to the next, exciting corner of Indonesia.  

Watch the conversion of Kudanil Explorer in fast-forward. To travel Indonesia on board our expedition yacht soon, please fill out our contact form.

Kudanil Explorer crosses the Banda Sea

Kudanil Explorer Ship Sunrise Banda Neira Luxury Cruise

In September 2018, we welcomed our returning guests on a unique journey deep in the Eastern Indonesian archipelago. After disembarkation from Maumere / Flores, we cruised for over 800 nautical miles with finish in Ambon. The route led us via Alor and many tiny, remote islands in the Banda Sea to the colonial city, rich in history and culture.

Along the way, we enjoyed world-class dives and absolutely forgotten islands with villages where time stands still. We seeked and found Hammerhead sharks, Manta rays and plenty of rare underwater species. In-between dives, we tried our luck fly fishing and kissed the days goodbye with sunset drinks on the beach.

After twelve magnificent days on board, we finished this wonderful journey with an exploration of the Ambon Fort. Ambon is the capital of the Spice Islands which are famous for not only its richesse in Nutmeg but also a famous trade centuries ago. It is the land the Dutch colonists once traded with the British for a now famous place called Manhattan.

Please have a look at the video and get in touch with us for your customized trip on board our luxury expedition yacht.

Secret strike mission on Kudanil Explorer

Kudanil Explorer Surfing Papua Deus Ex Machina Harrison Roach

Earlier this year, we set out to a secret mission with Harrison Roach, one of the world’s finest free surfers. Conditions weren’t blue skies and calm seas but our surf guide was spot on and we scored. Just us, for days.

Not even a handful of surfers, among them DEUS teamrider Harrison Roach, teamed up on Kudanil Explorer to find some hidden waves somewhere in Indonesia. Being an ex-oil supply ship, it made for the perfect expedition vessel to explore remote surf breaks far away from civilization. And a little bit of comfort and space certainly never hurt nobody. Be it the massage therapist, the en-suite bathrooms, the private balconies or the delicious food – we had the guys covered.

Accompanied by Andy Gough and Woody Gooch, some of the most featured and renowned photographers and videographers in the surfing world, we left the harbor and ventured out. The forecast was tricky but our guide was confident. We weren’t sure what exactly to expect but this is what this trip was all about. Tap the unknown, explore the uncharted.  Watch the video and send us a message for your very own surf trip now! Whether you want to explore with us for waves never ridden before or just benefit from our already done research – it’s up to you. Find all other surf videos on our YouTube Channel.

Kudanil Explorer voted top 5 yacht in Asia

Kudanil Explorer Luxury Yacht Flores Komodo Beach

We are proud to inform that – just months after our launch – Robb Report has ranked us among its top 5 yachts to explore Southeast Asia.

Robb Report is an American lifestyle magazine synonymous around the world with affluence and luxury. It is widely regarded as the single most influential journal of living life to the fullest. Besides it’s US-edition, Robb Report publishes in 18 other countries across the globe. We couldn’t be more excited about being elected into their exclusive list.

We convinced the Robb Report editors two main aspects. On the one hand, our on-board comfort with 1000 sqm of space for guests to use and our 8 en-suite cabins with private balconies. On the other, our history as an oil supply vessel and it’s robustness. In other words, it’s the ship’s structure and original purpose that make for unrivalled safety and the Kudanil Explorer the ultimate luxury exploration yacht.

Safety, space and comfort – welcome to Kudanil Explorer. Enquire now for your private journey.

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